Satisfied Patient Encourages Others to Schedule with InvisiVein Now

Courtney Page has worked in restaurants for years which means long hours, late shifts, and hot kitchens. These years on her feet took a toll on her health, specifically her vascular health. She states, “I am in the restaurant business as the owner of Page’s Okra Grill. I had terrible itching, burning and swelling. My ankle would be the size of a softball by the end of the shift.”

In June, she turned to InvisiVein and Dr. Joseph Mullaney for help. At her consult, Dr. Mullaney diagnosed her with varicose veins and subsequently performed EVLT on Page to address them. The InvisiVein endovenous laser is ideal for patients diagnosed with abnormal saphenous vein valvular insufficiency.

Page was pleased with the outcome, “I came to InvisiVein for pain, not only did I have aesthetic results but I feel better. A month after treatment, I noticed the varicose veins were gone. I was so pleased with the InvisiVein results that I decided to follow up with spider vein treatments.” Sclerotherapy is the primary treatment where the tiny surface veins are injected with FDA approved medication to inflame the veins and close them down. Dr. Mullaney states, “Now Page is pain free, but wishes that she had addressed her vein issues sooner.” She explains, “I have these great results, I am now confident in shorts. Everyone should do it, especially in the fall and winter months. You will be healed up by spring and summer and be able to go to the beach.”

InvisiVein is the area’s leading provider of high end laser technology for vein treatment. We offer a complete array of varicose vein treatments and spider vein treatments performed by our board certified physicians specializing in vascular and interventional medicine and phlebology.